Infrastructure Solutions

Structured Cabling, System Room Installation, Container Data Center, Fiber Optic Termination, Uninterrupted Power Source Solutions

Structured Cabling

With correct design and project, we aim to present a structure which is expandable and contains future plans of your company. We can develop effective and high performance applications thanks to our experience team with strong references and quality workmanship. A documentation which is essential in expanding requirements and failure detection with all checks/tests is delivered in project delivery.

System Room Installation

We give design and installation support with our strong business partners for requirements of your company such as air conditioning of system room which is vital for your company, maintaining energy sustainability, installation of fire prevention/control systems, entry/exit control and monitoring.

Container Data Center

We offer solutions to meet your requirements such as protection from external conditions, energy transformations and quick installation with All in One container data center.

Fiber Optic Termination

We give top quality service required for the project with out team and equipment with strong references.

Uninterrupted Power Source Solutions

We offer uninterrupted power sources required for business continuity by designing project in quality and efficiency that your company needs with our strong business partners.

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