Provis E-Flow (BPM)
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E-Flow (BPM)

One of the most important conditions of being corporate is to follow our job with defined processes. Thus, we can offer our products / service independent of the person in accordance with the scope and quality targeted in the processes defined.

Designing a process and revising it in accordance with the changes as a part of our job can be painful, long and high-cost projects when appropriate (BPM) business process designing tools are not used.

E-flow business process development software allow you to design and update processes within a short time for your company by providing advantage of a method of move and drop without coding for designing a process.

Our E-Flow software;

  • is a solution easy to install and use.
  • operates integrated with ERP, CRM accounting systems.
  • allows you to follow your business with instant notifications.
  • allows you to manage your business non-spatially thanks to remote connection.
  • provides cost advantage by developing more processes with lower sources.
  • Compliant with web, IOS and Android platforms.

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