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People are typically the most important assets of a company and naturally, they are also the biggest cost items. The increase in the knowledge and specialty of employees of a company in information economy provides a significant competition advantage. Instead of adding more classic IT system or tools in order to pass to the next step for innovation and efficiency, the integration of these trends between employees, business partners and customers to the natural communication type in any time and anywhere provides more benefits.

Collaboration improved with technology is not a new concept. However, collaboration solution based on classic writing and audio-centered communication cannot keep pace with the changes of today.

It is expected the contentful communication forms such as videos, social software platforms used within a company to bring liberty to device and location selection, to provide safe collaboration in and out of the company and to offer development flexibility based on cloud architecture or user.

In addition, it should also offer an experience integrated with the central communication which make the customers such as a customer in a market, a mobile seller, a project manager in an office or a patient who remotely consult a doctor feel valuable in service, participation and productivity.

At this point, Cisco Collaboration solutions allow you to conduct meetings in collaboration with other in anywhere, with any device and in any time.

Cisco Collaboration Solutions addresses the functions below which direct the business world of the present day and provide competitive advantages.


  • It converts the interaction during business into real-time audio and video communication,
  • It provides creating faster, more dynamic teams without depending on the locations and you can make better and faster decisions,
  • Thanks to instant access to the company officials, the customers gives more feedback,
  • The traditional and corporate barriers are overcome with the safe connection, communication and collaboration.

Since collaboration solution concept is installed within the company, an income is provided in return for the investment in terms of operations, productivity and strategy.

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