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E-Flow (BPM)

One of the most important conditions of being corporate is to follow our job with defined processes. Thus, we can offer our products / service independent of the person in accordance with the scope and quality targeted in the processes defined.

Designing a process and revising it in accordance with the changes as a part of our job can be painful, long and high-cost projects when appropriate (BPM) business process designing tools are not used.

E-flow business process development software allow you to design and update processes within a short time for your company by providing advantage of a method of move and drop without coding for designing a process.

Our E-Flow software;

  • is a solution easy to install and use.
  • operates integrated with ERP, CRM accounting systems.
  • allows you to follow your business with instant notifications.
  • allows you to manage your business non-spatially thanks to remote connection.
  • provides cost advantage by developing more processes with lower sources.
  • Compliant with web, IOS and Android platforms.


The common issues to be overcome by all teams supporting inner or outer customers are to give support in desired quality, duration and scope and to record this process and to report it.

As Provis, we have overcome this issue for our customers which we give maintenance and support service with our Helpdesk software.

With our Helpdesk Software;

  • The final user can be easily called.
  • The call is directed to the correct person wit the last date and scope and content information.
  • During the process, the person who undertakes the task and the caller can share information over the chat screen.
  • Technical teams can share information in private chat rooms if they need it.
  • The call is sent for the approval of closing and the process is completed with the approval of the caller.

Doing our job in this way provides numerous advantages.

  • Since whole process is recorded, some mistakes are prevented.
  • The service given can be reported to the other party in any time.
  • The performances of the teams can be measured.
  • The efficiency of the work can be measured.


With the leading position between the stations in the sector, Cisco Call Manager offers various advantages for its users. Thanks to these features, it is preferred by the companies having high expectations from the stations.

The raw data produced by Call Manager is made understandable and interpretable with our CDR software by Seeloog.

Seeloog, our CDR software provides advantage for your company in the below mentioned subjects:

  • Incoming/outgoing call reports.
  • Reporting of successful, busy and missed call results,
  • Accessing call type and location info,
  • Following of call flow within the company,
  • Following of call routine of the company and determining abnormalities

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